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be the better understood, I propose to begin from the common

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structure of the amoebae that they could no more be

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that at one of the large thread mills in Lancashire the tickets for the bob-

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opposite the place it is intended to cauterize. To apply the

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in roaming about the streets all night long. His love of gam-

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that the inmates who furnished the adverse testimony be-

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commonly referred to as ursemic. Of course, in some of these cases

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tion and suspended in the sick room constantly, and the same should be

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counter-irritants were highly serviceable. Although this disease in

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of a large cherry stone. At this time the epidermis cracked, and

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jectures have been resorted to for an explanation of the pheno-

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well above and behind the iliac spine, for in some cases the

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Piii)} of the Glocesier Vaccine Association. Communicated hy Dr Barox,

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lesion. Out of a total of 5,000 cases of general skin

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the theory which explains sympathetic ophthalmia by reflex action from the ciliary

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uniform, and a slight degree of moisture could be felt on his skin, but

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the interstitial type are that it is small, hard, nodular, with a large fatty

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The causes determining the location of abscess in these

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many deaths and of so much expense in attempts at cure. The

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to decide whether the plan is or is not the best possible, for two

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of- hemiansesthesia. On the contrary, he maintains that there is a " crossed

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