Epipen Needle Depth

responding^ changes in all, viz.: in the cases seen early,

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the neck. The second, born twenty minutes after the first,

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operation which was performed for chronic disease of a limb.

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membrane, of the liver, &c. are to be accounted for on the

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index finger of the same hand into the rectum. The mass

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ing for nature proved uniformly disastrous, whilst the

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Etiology. — Of all the domestic animals, next to dogs,

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ears, (in grown persons;) it is aliitost exclusive-

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A TIMELY Brief for Health Insurance. By Mr. John A.

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alcohol in any form by such patients, except perhaps in very moderate

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sent ; there was not more than a quarter of an inch

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Antivnonium-tartaricuni may be given to accelerate the develop-

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ing bared feet, and the deft grasp of the worm-bait seeking

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performed some two years later and the patient conceived about four

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the methods of which are best described by an illustrative case :

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impressed with the danger of encouraging this Germanic

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sive than either. Castiaux's apparatus, however, may be em-

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method of reporting trial results alter perceptions of therapeutic

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perspiring freely ; the severance of the bone by a live electro-

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The first dog was in poor condition before the operation (suspected

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1. There may be an universal adhesion of the pericardium

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shall be entered in such manner and with such particulars as the Council may direct the

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surgery daring the past year was the visit and teachings of

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corset in the horizontal position because it too greatly accentuates the natural

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ger, they noted the rapidity with which it replaced itself

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the saliva of a hydrophobic man, while the fowl may be inoculated

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Some eminent authorities object that cavities do not

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Although a case of poisoning by Cevadilla has been reported,

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