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litis by the slight disturbances of sensation which attend it, by the preser-

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(hat this excellent address was to be printed he would

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suburbs, to the Monastery of Saint Serge, to Nijni Nov-

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obstinate and dangerous vomiting during pregnancy, adopted some

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all, that this index is a general, average, normal index, and no longer

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cinated. 1 have never taken small-pox in any of its forms. I can

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tical or central portions of the brain and cerebellum. It may be to

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Primary syphilis in 2 out of 6 cases, or 33 per cent.

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tination of the culture pallida, and therefore we do not believe that

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DiiFerental Diagnosis. — Acute ascending paralysis may be confounded with

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The second main line of investigation has developed since Cohnheim (9) in

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which nearly all who enter upon the duties of our profession must

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from a medical college; and we observe further, that the course of

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Little is known of the forms of disease which prevail in various

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available for close observation of the cultures during the early periods

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ventive ; that is, if a person is about to be exposed

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the preparation, I have come to the conclusion that 0.6 gm. may be

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be obtained. By their use in the Engli.sh navy scurvy has been diminished

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one of the criteria of the presence of epinephrin in the blood, we

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man, in* No. 5 of the British Record. Here the back presented;

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a much larger proportion of foreigners, whose situation, in regard

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of Europe, is rendered evident by the similarity of the leading symp-

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by the fact that the first branch of the trigeminus suffers far oftener than

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traces of dextrose is sufficient to bring about the reaction, it seems

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this disease only when the diiasm is involved." They are not present in

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do not diffuse easily, so that the area of infection

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low acute infectious diseases as the result of the accumulation of fungi in the central nervous system,

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vaccination ; in eighty per cent, of these, more or less phlegmonous

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that fluctuations in the two parallel one another; whereas, as we have

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parents, who died when she was a child. Her father died of beri-beri in his 40th

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obtain it, and I assure my medical brethren that it

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20. Rohde, E., Z. physiol. Chem., 1910, lxviii, 181.

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FlG. 1. Cortical layer of a normal thymus from a 12 day embryo; intensive

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have a decided value in the treatment of tuberculosis.

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eration, notwithstanding the false membrane had penetrated even

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of interest to compare the behavior of pneumococci under such condi-

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after a few hours he lapses into a dee;3er stupor than before.

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Three months after this accident, or about four months before her

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rabbits, however, was trypanosomicidal several days longer than the

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