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In examining persons for entrance into the railway service there

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Case 2. — (John Cheyne, Eklinburgh, 1877. ** *) A furnace-man, forty-one years of

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below the street by a cover occupying the crest of the dome. The bot-

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ture to lay before our readers an attempt at a compendium of

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tendant had not considered the liver at all affected.

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could be accounted for by the local affection, and he had been

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either of the two years preceding the year of election.

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of the Art of Healings in imitation of the tide adopted by

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various organs, and there deposited. In animals, after transfusion of blood,

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pository into the rectum. The next day being no better, and having

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The academic year begine September 27, 1918. All inquiries and other communications should be addressed to

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in others. They claim, in one breath, fallibility for

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information as to the circumstances under which Mr. Spark,

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to excess of oxygen. A perfect chemical theory of respiration is still a

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operation was completely successful, and for two years before I had

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the organ ; if empty, a tympanitic percussion-note, of a somewhat metal-

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meningitis do not escape presenting very marked symptoms of prostration,

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In the other building there was a screen partition dividing the space

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although its standard officinal formula gives seven

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the biceps muscle. Within the abscess, two pieces of cloth were found, about half an inch in

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If this method fails, or is only partially successful, the various

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At 1.00, 100 c.c. is delivered in nineteen seconds.

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cases. The central group is smaller, (iii, but owing to the comparatively

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say that it might have been great if other parents could get a chance

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are performed. As, therefore, an early operation for

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tion arm and leg splint These splints have been modified and im-

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