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Hair of the spaniel, of the rabbit, hare, the horse, goat, fox,
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how the eye is adapted to distinct vision at difiFerent distances.
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piiiitid from tho Cincinnati " Laiicot-(;iiiiif." 1
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had not recurred since the last delivery. After her first delivery she had suckled
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the contrary, it is desirable that the many respectable phy-
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cians, like those throughout the nation, must seize
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to escape. Now, if the sac is not adherent, its redundant,
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wall of the uterus; the branch turns downward and inward in the uterine
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cover is true, but recoveries have, in my experience,
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as appeared from the evidence, subsequently from an " opacity of the
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with urine at each act of micturition, bathing its walla
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bacilli to develop in — which Klein did not have.
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reflex, occasioned by disturbance of the sacral plexus, there
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—A. T. Cabot reports that a healthy man of 26, without previous
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accuracy of my diagnosis when I say that the thoughts
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On Monday the section met for the third time, Dr. Sharpey
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of the department. S. O. 138, par. 3, Headquarters De-
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exhibiting the various well-known changes of typhoid elevations and ulcerations in a
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■majority. A. Sanne found it 224 times in 410 cases. — Eds.]
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shown an average basal metabolism of +21 per cent, the extremes
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1 Compt. rend, de la soc. de biol., 1884, p. 474; Jahresbericht f. Thierchemie, 1884,
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pulse-rate to become weaker 1 mg. {-^^ grain) of atropin
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10 years ago, but the nature of the operation could not be ascer-
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tion for the removal of tiead bone, it could be explained either
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1845: " I am happy to say, that I find myself better and freer
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Post Mortem Appearances, These consist mainly in the pres-
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credited with having discovered botulism. Van Ermengem, twenty odd
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gave rise to definite peripheral symptoms, and it has appeared
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lecture on Pleurisy {Renewal of Life, Lect. viii, in
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renal vessels, which permits a free transudation of liquid.
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