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of their position on the posterior aspect of the cord they are in the

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not forget that a movable kidney, like the spleen, is attended with

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mosquito which had fed on a yellow fever patient on the

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of the intestines. A large incision, collapse of the distending

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be condemned as well by the public as by the profession.

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means of disinfecting hands, instruments, surfaces, etc. Itr

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neath the thigh ; a piece of patent lint spread with simple cerate was

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notions, our dry goods, and a considerable portion of our pretensions ; and

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nation was not allowed. The most probable etiologic factor

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We believe then that it is incorrect to attribute greater importance

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self, "What am I putting into it?" Greatly to be desired is a stronger

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the back, increased by motion ; spasmodic contractions or rigidity

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long been known that certain animals, especially birds (pigeons, domestic

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screw-like direction of its articulating surface. The cast was

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The said resolution, including the amendment to the constitution,

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the oil, the jaws were firmly closed, the arms extended and

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median lobe is seldom affected by this procedure. In

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free form. It was probable that the preliminary curd-

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entation of 5 Cases Illustrating Various Types of this Infection

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clumping is sometimes an unfavorable sign. Other symptoms of

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proposed, that the above assumption is the safest and

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It is caused by insolation, by the sudden suppression of a habitual flux

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decisions, whether he is a high-pressure engine under control, and

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The stools and vomited matters were also carefully examined and found

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ing and classifying these bacilli in a satisfactory manner."

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Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee 53202, (three-year term) 1977

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congested, and at its base the sub-arachnoid cavity was covered with a soft yellow exadatios.

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of institutions— workhouses, military and naval asylums, and

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26/A. Temperature 101°. 2 Fah. ; pulse 112; expectoration easier;

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acid, filtered, and again boiled in the permanent re-

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been asleep. This is most frequent when the condition is situated in the lower

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largely on the methods and results of sand filtration, with

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covered until too late — the caput was in sight with the

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I'ermissive Bill. By Robert Ward, Editor of the North of

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they have been discussed and classified in the preceding pages) ; and {h)

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he was bound to have so stated ; that if he was subject to oc-

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sex, and occupation, on small-pox, read at a meeting of the Epi-

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