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only a small portion having a higher melting-point; the amount of benzoyl

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Thick pleura overlying fluid will cause it to be very difficult to

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was removed, so that, generally speaking in analysing

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eased ^mitral orifice. This murmur also, being conducted back-

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en days. (Op. cit. 162.) Even when dilated, it will destroy life rapidly,

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of hemothorax have been fully gone into by Rose Bradford and

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not be used. This is unusual, for its action is eminently con-

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tures at the base of the brain were all much softened and discoloured.

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16,000; poljTiuclear ceUs, 56 per cent.; large mononuclears, 13 per cent.;

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side. These secondary coagulations, in a direction toward the heart, are

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molecule of radium bromide one must take a dose of these pills

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winters of the North, now need warmth and rest and re-

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cervix. At the first eclamptic attack delivery should be

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published in his time or immediately after his death. They would

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been attacked by the blue louse — a species of plant lice — water

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monia, by a rather profuse perspiration. No injurious

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There is marked tactile anaesthesia on the left side \ the two points of an

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Cost Containment, Family Practice in an Era of (SP) 81

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Resolved, That Drs. Beck, Eights and M'Naughtoo, be the

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globular or crenated. Leukocytes may be derived from vaginal secretion,

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requiring operation, and he has had seven such cases during

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white cells: IjTuphocytes 20.4 per cent.; intermediates 5.6 per cent.; large

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marking merely, that the author seems to have bestowed much, and careful

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■we are to look for the primary cause in depression of nervous energy, we

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sacrum in relation to body weight This matter is put with a

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This book, bequeathed to me by an intimate friend, I destined for you, my

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he suggests some expansion of the programme that has been

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both the toxemia and the abnormal nitrogen distribu-

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can be got at ; and where the methods of rest, seda-

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liver congested, and on its surface numerous pin point sized,

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in two cases the thermometer marked daily a temperature of

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potassium sulphocyanide, besides other substances which have not yet

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Catholic Church, owing to the sacredness of human life from

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mation of the ami- and rectum, the case should he treated

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