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Fleming, Principal Veterinary Surgeon of the British

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voluntary motions. Galen was, perhaps, the first vivisector

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that could hardly be justified by the most powerful argu-

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terval between the initial contamination and the date on

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senile stage occurs at about 4% months of fetal life, a period

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will try it again. I have prescribed it in nervous prostration, and have yet to find

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The after-treatment in these operative cases also con-

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mitted that in normal digestion the diastatic action

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looked for in about forty-nine per cent, of the cases.

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uterus, causing it to become markedly reduced in size. The pains then

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locations were reduced under chloroform, and he was very

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open field and it will grow to majestic proportions. Plant the same

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much as in the ordinary form of nephritis both kidneys are usually

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and was now quite well. 7. Most wounds below the umbilicus did all right

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ary, and gastric 'secretions, and for absorption by the

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Secretary: What kind of a district would Dr. Brett suggest?

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ans; apoufivrotomie; appareil; retablia.senientde la forme

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objection which Dr Adams combats, that, among the uneducated

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We next want to know what your service was. This means any-

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* Pneumonia typhoidcs is here, of course, excepted.

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the various compounds containing alcohol, or to apportion the

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he was reading and conversing, with every appearance

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with biolocrical differences, as one creature can see

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favourable results in those of traumntic oriiiiu. Australas.

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eruptive fever) may modify or arrest the chorea (febris accedens spasmos

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quality of the effect is always the same. To understand the

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disappeared and the cough vastly improved and no stridor present. The temperature

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Sunday preach it again; or he will, they say, insist on splitting the

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upon the bladder that gives rise to the nocturnal incontinence of urine,

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of DDT. About seventeen doctors and thirty nurses are

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late in the disease, paralysis before the exudate (membrane)

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were left. I saw him several times during the summer, when he was im-

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more extensive removal of the lymphatics and retro-

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"crowd poisoning" in the open air upon a still, warm day is a common

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the sacrifice of too large a part of the turbinated bodies is a grave danger

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