may deter the War Department from permitting any of

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At this level inside the rectum is a prominent reduplication of

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before the heart, the interval sometimes extending to several minutes.

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Times, Sacramento, 1895, ix, 371-373.— lie Schwriiiilz

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there was a universal redness of the arm above the wound.

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He has recovered from left hemiplegia — a symptom which,

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the mucous membrane, and if sufficiently dilute, does not irritate.

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second stage is the stage of expulsion, which is divided into two sec-

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of auscultation. The error, however, was but of temperary dura-

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this respect pasteurized milk seems to be preferable to the

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deductions in reference to the particular form of disease of which it treats,

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be affected (shall I say r) with exhausted sensitiveness in

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others a Pope, Gregory XIY., are reported to have been res-

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the enormous hypertrophy of the right heart, the wall of which was a

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that yeast must be capable either of growing without vitamines or of synthesizing

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notification is received from our Agents or from the Journals

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The Doard of Trustees, in their fixed report, say: "To the honour and credit of

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vessel depended neither on the locality nor on the water used

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mittently ever since. Was treated at King's College Hospital for

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are forever driven by the vexed questions at the bedside, we


tebrte were normal to about the lower lumbar vertebrae ;

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1897; Larat, "Rev. Internat.," Aug. 1897; Chatzky, "Archives

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above the normal amount. Condensed milk might some-

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U. S. history and civil government, reading and composition, physical

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five days ; the constriction was in the vicinity of the manubrium sterni. Oesopha-

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Hardy treats this affection with sulphur-baths, or fric-

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Then there is another (sort) a of this same wort, swart

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Anatomical Considerations.- 'I'lu- hip-joint i< of the!

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physicians and surgeons. This Institution contains about sixty beds, which are, most of the time,

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that is not a slave to what he is pleased to call " the unimaginative,

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or toxic albuminuria is common. Hsematuria is a frequent attendant

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