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pers, setting forth the virtues of the '^ Matchless Sanative," was original-

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46 days on coagulated white of egg. In these experiments it must be

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work plate attached With the gum, and their root canals enlarged ; platinum

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kinds of sweets are frequently enveloped in so-called tin-foil, into the

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official, ^^ his name shall be added to the catalogue." It was then writ-

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disrepute from the unwarrantable claims made in its behalf. There is no


not, however, always in our power to be certain of the existence of such

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several very strong adhesions between the costal and pulmonary pleurs.

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normal temperature taken in the mouth or axilla is 98-4° to 98-6° E. (37°

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ounces of water. In a few minutes 1 withdrew this, and left the cavity

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ceased. He found many opponents to his ideas, which were rejected.

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expect complete recovery, prefer to minimise the evil of existence by

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Southern California, and has 60,000 inhabitants. Just above it is Pasadena

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The most important of the predisposing causes of typhus is undoubtedly

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been accustomed to consider the spondylium the true cow-parsnip. My

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ful ; for some chemists call calomel protochloride, others chloride, and

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JUbany Medical CoUege, — ^At a meeting of the Trustees of the Albany

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headache had disappeared, the insomnia abated. Her general health, though

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other, and remaining so throughout the whole operation.

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produce a decided impression on the system. But the principle of ac-

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excessive irritability, in all gradations, from the restlessness consequent

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while the intervening portions were either normal or very slightly dilated.

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days (or, according to Osier, between the fourteenth and twenty- first days) ;

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Heart. — The myocardium may be pale and soft with granular or fatty dianges,

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of valerian seemed to pervade the system with a thrillbg sensation ai*

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have occasionally been produced by lesser quantities, and in one or two

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mosed in nearly its whole length. In cases of chronic poisoning mercury

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abnormal condition was more strikingly remarked ; without hesitation

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are felt as to the benefits of the treatment, but because of the difficulties in

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