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intestinal tract. Beyond this, however, it is of no special

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thicknesses of gauze soaked in flexible collodion in all but the

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which served as a handle for his extemporaneous porte-pierre ; in this

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It resulted from the Wirternberg trials that the proportion of persons that

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of the lids is interfered with and the fissure between the

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pitals. He was made a brevet lieutenant colonel for distin-

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without experiencing the least constipation. I have not been particular as

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tion was carried out. I also have always supposed that

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tion of the scab, I shall use it upon some healthy children, from some of

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or 13 per cent. The deaths for the week numbered 445, a

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Observations and Investigations in Pathological Anatomy made at the

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deal with the rare diseases of the pulmonic orifice.

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" Third, if the disease has not subsided after the evacuations, tartarised

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found. The aspect of the liver was normal and nothing patho-

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Colon C. Watson, M.D., Rush Medical College, 1878, died

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committee, consisting of Daniel B. Smith, Charles Ellis, Prof. Wood, Prof. Bache,

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mucous membrane of the small and large intestines is of a somewhat lighter

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and burst about ten feet from the ground, immediately over a cannon, on

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" It may be well to observe, that, in the prosecution of these experiments,

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views and manner of teaching of one who was not a little distinguished as

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pit to the crest of the ilium. Seventy-five to one hundred silk

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sanitarium, where he reluctantly consented to the with-

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necticut Medical Society, April 12, 1838. Republished from the Boston Medical and

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fused, saying : "I would ruther see me bye die than have

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linea alba, and the chorion exposed, which presented a tendinous appear-

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Hoiid* Xedlcal Aaaodatloii. — The twenl^-eighth annual

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bodies and the disease was more clearly demonstrable. These

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Db. a. a. Eshneb stated that he regards the condition some-

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of railway cars, and that no laws nor rules have been

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by a transverse one, and the flap of skin lifted but left

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length, on the subject ; but we must lay before our readers a few of the more

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consists of a perineal opening into the urethra and

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what is sildigra soft

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with lime, which may be removed from the generator with far greater ease

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the epithelial cells. This disease may be the result of

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a typical case of hydrophobia, when he was removed to

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pathologic oxaluria. This is one of the questions which

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Translated from the French with notes, by Charles D. Meigs, M. D.,

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We have been applied to, by the way, more than once, to know if we

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bacilli were found in cover-slips made from the site of inocula-

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attempt by some authors to classify these growths as

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8 A. M. ; sweat at noon. The conjunctiva of a deep red, and the arteries of

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