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the adrenals, muscles, parathyroid, hypopnysis, central nervous system,
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serious, pregnancy is of advantage to the patient with exophthalmic goitre.
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I'lM'asi's. lii'i-aiiM' llic rilis. Inu't'tlicr with tlii' NtiTiiaJ coiincctiiins, iimiv
as causative of renal calculi, and it would be strange indeed if each of them
has recently described a most interesting and curious skin condition which
such cases from the literature, and the latter gives records of thirteen instances
carnivora and herbivora — the escape of the latter from fatal tetany being
one of the somewhat similar, almost adenomatous increase of the healthy
oli.jeetioiis to the procedure are very infreipient. .Most of the paticM!^
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and von Leyden* in 1866; but Bell's and Benedikt's accounts are so frag-
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sensory nerve endin«s of the fa\ie(s aiid pharynx. This ex])lains the
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days, and m which blood cultures during the fever periods always gave
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to gain entrance into the body. From these different foci they are carried
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acromegalic. Dwarfs, however, are not inmiune. A family predisposition
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Aside from the progressive increase in the size of the nodes, there is usually
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Wlicii the iii'tcricN lit'i-iiiiic liiiidt'iicii in nlil a'.'*', the rate itt' tiaiisiniNsini
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may have an ascending infection from the bladder up the ureter, the
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insurance oflBcer is constantly meeting instances in which the opposite tend-
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hypothesis for automatic rhythmic power of cardiac muscle, the armi
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as many of the patients are subject to some digestive disturbances which are
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Besides the regionary involvement, metastasis of thyroid tumors is very
be very marked, sometimes more on movement in one direction than in
urea, leavinu' only a siiial! fraction to lie used I'or ichnildiiij; tlie wasted
Volkmann stated that he doubted whether operation had any real value in
however, does not consider this to have anv etiological significance.
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oxcii'tioii ,,|' tlir siilpliiir ictv i<( tin- |initciii hioIitiiIc. I'or ii \\] 1.,
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suspect under a fair exterior a danger which proves real upon investigation.
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....r.i.l ..1 I.TI..UII ........ll. lK..,i-l...| l.v :. 1........ ll i,.|,iri...n 1 i: in,. I.- l.v , I.m.Ik. « .
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ahoiit 1 10",* aii.i sill.... th.. eoiieeiitiati..iis of II- and Oil' are li...
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has followed a devious course. Anatomical, physiological, clinical, and
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Prognosis. — In forecasting the outlook in a disease with so many vaiying
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regard to all symptoms — e, g,, their constipation is often refractory to
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si'.-r.' Similar resnlis |ia\.' h.'.'u ..htain.'.l ,lnriii-r artificial
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ul' tlx' siiitisfs III' the lii'iiin iiml in tin- luain Milunic 'nut ucll slmwn in
in life, there is hypertrophy of the terminal segments of the limbs, in which
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solutions also show a diffd'ence with reirard to the oi>timum tempera-
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I'.'forc thcic is any lopiiat.oy .listnrl.aii.-.'. A p.M-uliaiity ..f the cIT.t-
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left in the liodx after hemoriliatri', and injection of sodium chloride sol',
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or of stenotic mitral lesions with the mitral leak is evidence in favor of organic
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a fact, however, not difficult to be accounted for.
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hands often show a brown color imlike that in icterus. In such a case unless
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others, unable to decide this question, thought the process was on the border-
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two or three deep. These cells are, as a rule, rather larger than the normal
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serpina 1 gene and lung cancer
Till. I'm >iii| i«,\ 111' r.KiMiiiM. IN Ci.Mi'i:! SSI 11 All: wn i\ li\i:rnili An: . . . .Wi'.i
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