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enhanced in the postsympathectomy patient. Arterial

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»)nt' iiitur after milk feedini;, tiie slomaili, in infants ;i lew

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the patient will speedily perish, under symptoms of urasmia.

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months' courses of not less than 50 lectures each." There are

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scalp, or back of the neck. Leeches, however, as a role, should only be

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is from a complication with pneumonia or pleurisy, or from its

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mildest expression, they must feel nauseous. In this

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many other medicinal agents may and will, in like manner, be

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entirely comfortable, even though there be nothing present

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missions has been carefully noted and recorded ; but

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the parts when affected with the disease, he gave a most learned dis-

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dressing painless, the caustic acid must be formed very

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skin and a mild attack of urticaria. The patient made a

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The Prognosis is often favourable, although the condition

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breath. Eectum jammed with fseces, and lumps can be felt

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tinuing Education Programs University of California. San Fran-

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The liver is large, yellow in color, and its surface is smooth

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floor, was tiftcen feet square, had a high ceiling, and

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<liseased, unsound, or unwholesome, with a view to such articles

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I. Pelvic exudations and hemorrhagic infiltrations. 2.

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their cases to present to the examining surgeon. It is tlieduty, there-

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progressed apparently not in the least alTected by the hypophosphite. In more

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ment are extreme prostration, fever, and an alimen-

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