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a refrigerator and examined as soon as possible; raw (untreated)

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relatively slight importance, and in most cases minute investigation of this

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possibly a slight "greening" after 48 hours, and alpha hemolysis

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0.5 percent of phenol, or 1:10,000 Merthiolate. If the

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of the Hospital St. Jacques, for a period of twelve years, and for

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D n is the optical density of the unknown (serum), D b

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weaknesses of his old age by using an extract of the organ largely associated with

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of 40. Very young children enjoy a certain immunity from it. Trous-

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duces in blood agar no visible change (gamma appearance) in the

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move actively and rapidly. The rate of respiration is evidently increased.

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thus providing a convenient handle; the stopper also serves to

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contraction of the uterus, but without expulsion of the placenta.

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vomiting, but the marked sore throat of the latter disease is wanting.

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as well as profuse sweating, with a pulse as fast as in scarlet fever — 140

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poison itself. All cases do not die where local treatment is used,

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to connective tissue. Metaplasia is naturally commonest in the pleomor-

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at home. More recently, attention has been directed to the sudden drop

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which, under ordinary conditions, undergo further changes. During the

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them with filter paper. Follow the same procedure when-

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Endamoeba histolytica, is pathogenic. Although amebic dysentery

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Dr. Boothby- said that one meeting of the Surgical section had

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centrated in plasma as in cells ; amino acids are twice as

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to wait for a slightly slower effect than that produced when the

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extremely rapid rate that she had not had enough digitalis, and

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40 gm of pure anhydrous Na 2 C0 3 in about 400 ml of

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A Regatta at Evesham, England, was followed by sixty-eight cases of typhoid

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each year. I have seen five delivered within one hour in one of

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dressing should completely cover and even extend beyond the

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serum in the incubated sample, P 2 the mg of inorganic

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as Picque emphasized in 1910, a collection of pus underneath

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arms by wearing rubber gloves and long-sleeved gown.

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ing a nail, the iron rebounded and struck the left eyeball rather

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reaction that would be obtained if these contaminating substances

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Symptomatology. — Incubation. — This appears to vary widely in

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c. Hydrochloric Acid Solution, O.l N. Of the constant-boiling

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allowed out of bed part of the day and given an increasingly

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common, and there may be troublesome diarrhoea. The tongue is dry.

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In one patient the symptoms were apparently somewhat aggra-

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would have been expelled from almost any medical society for a

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