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brief, it is difficult to eliminate a mere rougJieniny without valvulitis.

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trated with serum, and the vessels undergo hyaline or more often fatty

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The prognosis is somewhat more severe than in the form described by

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greatest enlargement of this organ have been those due to leukemia, the

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Hereditary influences undoubtedly play a part; a "lymphogenous

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The American Association of Clinical Research is the first organized

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ticular regions are the following : The simulium 7^eptans, or creeping

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Dehilitatinfi i)iflNenees, as unhygienic surroundings, excessive mus-

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long-continued recumbent posture predisposes the patient to broncho-

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most commonly, hemorrhage (which is both persistent and free), together

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mograph renders invaluable aid. Sphygmograms will often show the kind

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Prognosis. — Inherited epilepsy very rarely is cured. Brown-Sequard

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emia ; (5) pulmonary affections in which the interchange of gases is in-

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Take for illustration the following cases :- — Two little boys,

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in aortic regurgitation, nausea and vomiting sometimes follow the ad-

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owing to constant over-distention. may be hypertropliied. The nervous

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laries and coronary veins, may rarely maintain the nutrition of the

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since flexion may generally be cured, or at least circumvented.

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manded in cases in which there are frequently recurring attacks. In

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no influence upon the appearance of the primary form of the disease,

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toms, and muscular atrophy. The first clear and thorough description

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often it is secondary to tuberculosis of the lungs ; less frequently,

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Nephritis icith Exudation; Chronic Tubal and Chronic Desquamative Nephri-

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not be burdened with any special efforts directed toward develop-

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the pulse is moderately accelerated and is sometimes irregular, and to-

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times form minute abscesses that burst and result in follicular ulcers.

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Crossed Hemiplegia. — When a lesion occurs in the lower part of the

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(2) If the glycogenic function of the liver be interfered Avith mate-

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the chest-wall gradually returns, but not to its former limit.

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ter." It has frequently caused a fatal result in persons who failed to

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also be of undoubted use. The primary indication in the local treat-

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similarly involved, their caliber being reduced, and particularly at the

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T^hich chronic tonsillar enlargement of the fauces and pharynx is most

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ated on the nerve-trunk itself, and consists of either fibrous, myxoma-

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