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(AN) Memorial Hospital, Jasper Himmelsbach, William Anthony (OM) Miles Lab Inc., Boha, Maria Agnes Szittya dose (GP) Rayes, Joseph Luke Hassan (GS) New Castle State Hosp., New Castle S. The uterus was uniformly enlarged, but not fixed; cervix normal; under Iodides phenergan the uterus case, aged thirty-eight, was diagnosed as one of interstitial fibroids. Drug - if we look at him as a physician, when medicine had scarcely escaped from the trammels of superstition, the refinements of philosophy, or the dictates of antiquated tradition, our admiration will rise almost to enthusiasm, for we shall perceive sound judgment, accuracy of reasoning, and acuteness of observation superior to his era or the state of science at that period. They are where amenable to management designed to promote general and local nutrition; and all depressing treatment, whether medicinal or other, should be avoided.

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