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have had chorea are uninsurable unless it is remote and they are without

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masses of lymphoid cells scattered through the lungs in these situations.

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a rapid growth of bacteria, and in a short time a precipitate, which often

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of moderate fulness ; pain very severe ; no altera-

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(^'iiiiitily .if I'.l 1 ill till' lioiiy, s:>: Wiitcr ('..utriit. Sil ; I'mtcius. ^7 ; 1-\t-

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as the policy ages; and (4) issue endowment policies to cover slight additional

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ferments; the disc,, very In Xernst. etc, ,,f melhuds f,>r tlie meaMiiement

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effort takes place on the other, to elFect the remo«

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with one other of the children; the implication of many brothers and sisters;

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the time of Brown-S6quard*s experimental work in 1856, our knowledge of

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sional presence of haematuria may make the resemblance close. On the

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Baddeky, Dr. on the Effect of Nitrate of Silver on the Com-

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Fever rarely occurs, but after a severe gastric crisis there may be a slight

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general arthritis. In one patient, a woman, aged thirty-two years, they

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"" '•^' ^^''■■1' ' 'I'l'-' "I' 'li'' aiiiin.p a.-i.N Iliat iapi.|l> i|Ka|i|.rai- ; Aio

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alVect the actixity of the respiratory center are therefore de]>on(leni

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Deformans. — The examples of thb are sometimes very striking. Thus, in

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The most important symptoms are mental inertia or apathy and the changes

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rest, dietetic and drug treatment can restore the tone of the heart muscle,

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Ii.\ means of a spriie.' iiiamimelei'. The results arc in -ieiieral similiir '

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