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Organisation Meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary to the Medical Society of the

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after the arrival of the shooner ? that, to his certain

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since 1852 employed in the treatment of the itch the ointment composed of one

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damp, low-lying countries near the equator ; it occurs as an

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surgeons shall constitute the Medical Board of Bellevue Hospital: Dr. Aus-

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nutritive, or nervous — and subduing it. This includes atten-

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Another group approach was considered for long-term NIAID patients to

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eye not infrequently b^ins as a serous iritis with deposition of minute

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of two hundred and seventeen cases of goitre in eight years.

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our statement. It is greatly to be regretted that the Journal

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claims of other gentlemen. Jlessrs. Prescott Hewett, Spencer

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and fatal practice in this advanced stage of fever.

bula pregabalina 75 mg

mend that one or two exploratory aspirations be made with a hypo-

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to place. This last point is one that must present itself with peculiar

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ticularly to point out that the Mussoorie ridge offers peculiar advan-

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nective tissue." ' The various fonns or rather stages come all

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hypothetic in nature. All we know at present, then, is that the malig-

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32. Pawloff, E. W. (Matweff). — De F Inflammation de la Glande Parotide aprds

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to see the day, at least to enjoy the hope that it would ever come, when hon-

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or toxic albuminuria is common. Hsematuria is a frequent attendant

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The pulse on completion of the operation was 90; on the second day

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tose itself. Growth on potato is colorless and ' slime-like, and only

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stances could produce inflammation in the hernial sac, unless, perhaps,

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side of the nock, and a constant current passed for three io live minutes;

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baths and " antipjTetic " remedies. Enteric fever and acute rheumatism

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tainment, and have raised the banner of Esculapius to

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dipping it in pure hot water, and then thoroughly and gently cleansing

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Very few members had died during the past year. The

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canal. These organs of attachment in the Bothriocephalic take

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months and years for dyspepsia or indgeslion until a

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coveries rapid. In her last pregnancy, her mind became gra-

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teria and the chromogenic bacteria always collect at the

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from the qxx)n, the mother's nulk being the best Finally, g^ve a few

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bills of mortality, will hardly be credited by those who are

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cent.; in my first case it was 62 per cent. The average X loss in 9

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grammar, literature, and the physical sciences. Later on the child

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escape from it a sufficient compensation for the disturbance and trouble

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It becomes a practical question to consider, however,

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preparation as any consists of precipitated feulphur four drachms,

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been most benefited by various stimulating expecto-

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extremities are important prophylactic measures (White). It would seem

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