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disease so precisely, to foretell its course so accurately, and
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work on the "Infirmities of Men of Genius." Bonnel Thorn-
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the pupils is not necessarily an unfavourable symptom, provided there be no
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a mangy appearance. It is transmissible to the young
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he attached to these words, the limits of this paper forbid
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which tremor on the one hand or rigidity on the other is predominant.
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dies mentales," Revue de V Hypnotisms, 1889, vol. iii. p. 56. — 6. Burot, P. "Manie
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But eruptions of an exactly similar nature occur on the limbs. In such
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removing it. The plaster should be worn until it wears off, and, if neces-
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of chill, which is of all things to be most dreaded. The object of the
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referred pain set up in different parts of the body by disorders of the
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like champagne," said Lord Byron. Dryden's practise was
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in young children, as was first noted by Clarke and by Kellie in the
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suffice to establish the existence of the exonerating circumstance are
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actions must proceed practically to completion according to a well-
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as a possible cause of the most varied forms of dermatitis.
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forms of eruption due to drugs, only two, iodine and bromine and their
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scrofulosorum in Infants," Brit. Joum. of Dermat. 1895. — 9. Idem. "Erythema
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in children. A common story is that the child is " doing sums in his
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probably never really curative, is on all hands admitted to be efficacious
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Vidal. "De la sclerodermic spontanea, " Gaz. 3esh6pitaux, Par. 1878. — 51. Watson,
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fluid sooner or later assumes .a yellowish tint ; on agar pea -green.
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her end. The sudden reception of ill news may cause stupor, melancholia,
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d. Immediately after expelling blood from the syringe, remove
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contraction to distinct jactitation of the limb. If the patient be observed,
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generally shows, at most, only a few fine scales about the forehead and
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outbreaks should always lead to a thorough search for an animal origin.
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layers are formed. Pollitzer makes an ingenious suggestion as to the
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abate the vascular activity in the centre, but it continues actively all
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had been properly frightened ; how Mr. Elliot was tried at
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nursed animosity against his royal mistress, and out of his
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Show resemblances and distinctions from Nocard's coccus of gangrenous
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fresh bullae. The first indication is to protect the excoriated surfaces
(1) M/5 potassium chloride solution. The salt should be re-
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barrel without touching the inside of the barrel or the
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