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devotes more and more of his time to the treatment of certain organs which he

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its well-known virtue in diseases of the skin would sug-

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given in tlie third stai^e of labor I eclampsia excepted '.

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poisoning, though that of horses, pigs, and goats has also been respon-

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tue wish tliat you may prove equal to its great de-

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can drink. If throat is sore, use gargle or spray of:

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shooting — (a German festival like our New Years' Day prize-shooting, or

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most, if not all, were imported, the men having aquired

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About two weeks later I operated very carefully, demonstrating to students

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for wax that has plugged the ear mold and plastic tubing.

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cludes from his case, as well as from the statistics, that extirpa-

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tributo clinico alio studio delle "iuie/.ioni sottocutanee di

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of the honorary guests was presented with a fifty-dollar

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locally, directly into the tumor, and in slightly increasing doses. The

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ciples and Practice of Medicine in Chicago Medical College. Edited by

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There were, however, a few exceptions to the tacit rule governing publicity.

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a passing erythema of the skin was observed at the point of injection,

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It will be instructive and clarifying briefly to trace the

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trophic pachymeningitis affecting the cervical region is the only meningeal

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organism could not maintain itself without a continual proteid waste ;

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urine; and I believe it does this by slowing the heart's action,

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Dr. Meyer thought that the main result to be gained was

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soothing, stimulating, mild and strong solutions have

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in the second type were uniform, have grown at unequal rates, the right

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must be carefully guarded from error of enthusiasm. Hunter was,

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Acne. — Prof. Shoemaker prescribed (i/iso?. Times)

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HOUSEHOLD MEDICINE: containiDg a Familiar Description of Diseases,

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The Chair at this juncture appointed the following Nomin-

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Near Washington, O. C. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

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•vp hut not less real preparation for meeting without injury intense

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