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at different levels. A closer integration of experimental,
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Suppuration, acute, case of, in a chronic gouty joint (S. Paget) . 232
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24-d. culture of Spiroclucta pallida on ascitic agar (M. 272), culture and
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issues. Examples of these include: (a) Use of the social
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not this conjecture strengthened by observing that in Mr.
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on a few occasions in the past. At admission he was alert,
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by Sir Astley Cooper,'' Dr. Haugsted,'' and Mr. Simon.'' The two
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grating was felt during movements at the joint. There
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suffered. And he also told me that although he had no difl&-
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This method is simple, inexpensive, sensitive, and esthet ically
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advanced. The degree of purification necessary refers perhaps as much
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the olecranon, and under the inner condyle of the os humeri,
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suggested that in a few cases the worms may have time to recover and
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knee-jerks were both absent. Micturition was difficult and
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where tumours have been seen near the veins, has been ex-
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information from the Council on Mental Health and the Commit-
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The case I have described appears to me to belong to this
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modernization of existing facilities, provide intensive
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veins, and though he kept the dog four days afterwards, did
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some accompanying the ulnar and interosseous arteries, although
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perfectly, except where the tube had passed. On May
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medical societies for use by the physicians of the county to
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At 10 P.M. he was quite conscious and sweating freely,
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gastric crises were present in 24. We have investigated the
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stages and the cardiac abnormalities which develop as the
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not be made out. The next day the temperature was normal.
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Portland, Maine, for temporary duty. Aug. 25, 1883.
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First, to ligature the ureter on one side by a lumbar inci-
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among Indian women does not appear to differ materially from the

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