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tonsillotome herein described is somewhat smaller than Ma-

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not far distant when Bassini's operation, and all others

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left sacral region, especially after prolonged sitting in his buggy

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proportional to the increase in volume of that contained in the ulnar.

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may be mistaken for abscesses connected with stricture, or for superficial ab-

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Republic, and the figure of a woman (a creature of the sex of our own

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has an irritating discharge from the womb; injury to penis; or

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lin College and Johns Hopkins as well as service in both

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believes that his results furnish additional evidence of a close relationship

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Diseases, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Department of

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sphincter, the ulceration having been provoked by the

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disease, I have thought it right to give you the preceding short account

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Commentary. — This was a severe case of double pneumonia, with

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must be increased ; that is, the ventilation (which

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The list contains the names of 67 men, from 73 to 93 years of age ;

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low birth-rate infants of mothers who smoke are not factored in.)

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the occipital operation. A curved incision 2h inches long was made over

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With reference to the pathology of dysjiepsia, it is to be considered that

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matter, mucus and intestinal sand. The symptoms improved

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occupied herself for the most part in knitting stockings for

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our appreciation for Dr. Cothern’ s life and sendee; and

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satisfactorily, it will be necessary that every homceopathist of

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cal conditions, but they are quite as much in need of the

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upon the stretch, if the bone be dislocated anteriorly, some rounded body is to be

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IJU. She does not know that she is deaf; attends to

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and etiology of hay fever, there is little difference

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within the district of the faculty or school; and which per-

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of reliable evidence in regard to appearances after death. Dr. Wilks met

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Towns; " and, closing the volume, is a " Peport on the Sani-

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from the arachno-pia because dura, arachno-pia, and cortex

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nounced yellowish-brown color is observed. If the stool be alkaline, or if alkali

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course of the nerves which proceed from the wounded parts, in

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of food is proper, than what relative amounts of nitrogen and carbon, of

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practice. The conclusions which he deduced from his experience

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no medical officers of health, and only one or two in-

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9; pelvis, 4. " Notwithstanding the large number of fractures, conservative

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ing of saliva, without, however, any atrophy of the

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in which bleeding occurs from the failure of the natural processes

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urea could be injected into the veins of a dog at a single sitting

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