arthritis seemed to be one of the first symptoms. In the cases in children
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plaquenil for lupus
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ard (F. E.) An outline of the development of physical
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Db. Ralph Elmerobeen of Milwaukee: In our dbfinition we should eli-
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cases handled with reasonable care, is comparatively infrequent.
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which came from their hole of confinement, demanded that their
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Botvels, Sjxmnodic, cmd other Painful Affections of.
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1. The rendering of the vulva, vagina, and uterus aseptic, and so far as
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attended with such difficulties and such a high mortality that the report
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croscopically, and removed portions from different regions
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of the generation of epidemics, which has found favor in the eyes of
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Thomsonian Infirmary, No. 295 Market street, has re-
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July 30th. — The wound looked very well, and was dressed as
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made any clinical use of this pump on account of the small size of the
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bronglit out of the wound. Still, by introducing pins and lilt-
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children is so remarkable for the distinctness of the periodical
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appears to be sown, which, like seed sown in a field, shall burst
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on the shoulder of a young girl ; no hairs passed through the centre of these crusts.
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each effort will do more or less damage to an already
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lepsy has recently been made by Prof. Schroeder Yan der Kolk, who

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