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Frederic Harrison, Richard A. Proctor, John LeConte, and

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Medical Association, also the New York Pathological Society. He

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The Dry Treatment of Chronic Suppurative Inflammation of the

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Very different from the injuries of the superior maxilla,

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forming a part of the report of the New- York Prison Associa-

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have given above, is a true representative of the best element of the

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in spite of reservations that might be made as to the thera-

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come flocking in ever-increasing numbers to the States not thus

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and other official persons, regarding especially the tests applied

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Meningo-encephalitis, the most formidable complication of

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of the "dominant" school — who are convinced that they can "do

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matter; the nose is stuffed up; there is nose-bleed, loss of smell,

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He read and studied under different doctors in Cattaraugus county,

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direction of a special instructor. Later she spent one year

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and I think I do no injustice to the patent fact in referring their

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in his more than twenty years' practice he has never had a

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loss in the death of Dr. John Savage Delavan of Albany, N.Y. He had left his

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Dr. Walsh established the Fordham University Press and proceeded

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The Hahnemann Publishing House, true to its promise, has

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cluding every condition save that of alcoholic poisoning, thus

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Deep hollows may finally be developed on each side of the chest, while the

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tions of increased experience, have become the accepted

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from the Isle of Guernsey in 1638, appears among the 180

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i;ery. He received from nature a slrikint;, well-pro-

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after a few years began to devote his attention especially

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phenazopyridine (pyridium) is an example of

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here. On the other hand, however, we shall see later that, even in spite of

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have even been badly dressed, we are forced to admit that

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of the risks in surgical interference, the dangers of infec-

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the nature of the act. In the defence, all recollection or con-

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curing his patient. The objects had in view, in the employment of disinfectants or

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Nil wburg, New York, graduating therefrom in 1881. His future

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sulting physician to the New Rochelle, New York, Hospital, and

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" Two Years of Civil-Service Reform." New York : 30 Lafay-

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Society of the County of New York, January ja, 1884 J

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