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phlcbectasis, in varicocele, haemorrhoids, and certain form.s of

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simple in construction in the intestinal wall, the regional chains

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frequency and gravity of the associated cardiac complications.

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day), the looseness diminished in a remarkable manner as soon as the remedy

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of the German empire, of a population of 555,000,000 only 78 have passed

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burg, Leipsic, Munich, Wiirzburg, and the English authors and statis-

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hand, various inflammatory complications are apt to set in, pre-eminent

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it as a sort of intermediate link between, or transition from, conimon

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evidence of such attainments. He must have a high standing

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degrees My patients often retain this surprising condition of improve-

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administered, a more reliable remedy than Fowler's solution.

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it is hoarse in croup, brassy and metallic, with crowing inspira-

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motto on its seal, these words, — " Man tends, God

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the Trousseau Hospital. Of these, 316 died, a mortality of 60 per cent.

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•the above-mentioned patient), a most remarkable aspect was

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had died of bronchopneumonia, whilst the fourth and fifth are alive

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16 — St. Angelo promulgates the " Teasing Along " theory in regard to the Amoebae Dysentariae.

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was emaciated: his face was remarkably pale and yellow. He

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ed by Messrs. Turners of Croydon and Regent Street. The pat-

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was inadvisable to accept for examination graduates of Class C

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over the compress they are adapted to the respiratory movements

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chronic and is usually associated with gallstones, and that the one

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puscles were the new ones and the light corpuscles with

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Two advances in the past ten years have dramatically al-

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sel, previously prepared to receive it, are an impure

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septum, the walls of the ventricle were hypertrophied, and the

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affected with chlorosis since the age of puberty. Together with the other

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and consistent high level of performance. Please join us in congratulating these

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the secretion of this clear, sterile serum is neither due to

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to that with guaiacum and benzidine, the risk of error being

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double ground of distance from inhabited houses and

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inductive logic that had that mixture of a small amount of truth

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an acute tuberculosis. The patient was a young soldier

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