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sons on each farm who in one way or another come in contact with
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The sixth Anniversary of this Institution was held June 25th.
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International Medical Congress at Copenhagen, to be
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the symptoms evidently retrograde, when resume, at intervals of six
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London. On each occasion he had pain in the back, an itching rash over
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ability or increased or decreased tonus is transmitted by way of the
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strangled cannot give any infallible evidence in favour of the case
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grounds, even in the winter season, with impunity. Her digestion
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p. \vers. For these reasons, other anodynes, such as hyoscyamus, conium,
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Was there a different degree of irritation in the various jihases of the process
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reasoning is as follows : " This medicine acts upon tlie capilla-
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I had to abandon it. My difficulty was this — the
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and especially the onset of an acute nephritis are of serious import.
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-which he coughed up a strip of gauze which had originally
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tissue between its parietal layer and the sternum and dia-
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from it, also a cotton string, which had been tied around it by the same parties,
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pital, and on his arrival, complained only of great
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It should be explained before going any further that the methods
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joint in the fracture ; a piece of bone composed of a small portion of the
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rhotic. The lungs in condition of pigment-induration,
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a debilitating effect. They should not be placed on
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For complete table of contents, tee first text page.
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that the excretion of uric acid on the gouty varies within normal limits.
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human body necessary can be so influenced in its power of infection
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ing significant laryngeal injury. With one exception all of
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the appearance of coffee-grounds. On microscopic examination large and small
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before the next annual meeting. The report was accepted, and the committee
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tee of Etliics should be formed in the County Society,

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