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your chopping tray, being careful that there are no bones
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can people would prefer to go to this new system and trash our
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syphilitic inflammation, as they are composed of glandular and connective
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either unintentionally introduced in manufacture, or added to food
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We shall quote here a part of the definition of the word
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For this IS the law of the lungle, ,■ r ■ ^r j u ,j i r
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considerable interest to medical men has recently been ordered to be retried
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paired. Thirst is more or less urgent. The tongue is frosted or coated.
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embrace a considerable number of practitioners who, un-
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glands ; and by an intermitting discharge from the nostrils of
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anatomical form ; but to have resulted, as it was said, " from
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exposure to a cold should be avoided ; likewise heavy farinaceous food,
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culties and dangers attending its application, tlie lia-
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dark and dirty ward. Late each spring, this ward is
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ramauro-e et de I'amblvopie. Arch. mc5d. beiges, Brux.,
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Wth. — ^The patient can now, with the aid of crutches, walk round
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independent of its being unneceffary, they bathe with fuch a
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of 72 dollars per month for blindness of both eyes, 17 for the loss of one
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ranks, and even at times almost annihilate whole regiments, are the
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Hg for four to eight hours have been cited to result
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Transactions of the Ethnological Societv, VoL V. London : J. Murray
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the presence of an embolism, — a clot derived from some distant source, and
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olive green to a deep bronze. If, however, the obstruction be of long standing,
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been approached by persons of upright motives with so-
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tell the patient that the chance of a cure, though small,
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cranium. Edinb. M. J., 1894 -5, xl, 346. — Guun ( M. )
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Alcott rates the average annual mortality in N. England, as 1 in 41 : the
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5. His position as Secretary to the " Medical Council " has
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tion of the ingested iron is of course a possibility that cannot be denied.

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