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OoTCrnment Board. Applications with testimonials to be sent to Mr.

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Pouthiercj we know that the palate is innervated by motor branches

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in the young, it follows as a self-evident proposition that

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but tlic result proved that no such "Idea was then entertained,

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generally, we find that, as in the case of the other histological

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mucous r^les were constantly present. These symptoms and physical signs

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papules may primarily show themselves on the limbs or trunk. These are

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salpingitis. She had no signs of tuberculosis, but hec family

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1897 xii. 5-21 Also: Rev. scient.. Par., 1897,4. s.. vii. 4-10.—

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republished in Germany, in Holland, in England, translated from

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the conditions which predispose to the occurrence of

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the epithelium at the tops of the folds and rugae of the

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opment of this conception led to the e.\periraents upon

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cent, showing them'the C f e7the!l:ri-f/""r\*° '" '"

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taste hot in the mouth. These two statements maj probably refer to the two

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by the absorption of a consiilerable amount of aconite

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y smi, " and that in cases of double tertian it should preferably be given

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Quotidian ; when there is a space of forty-eight hours between the

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plosion, so to speak, of one of the forms of neurasthenia.

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to such privilege — the hymen is almost necessarily absent;

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Here, Tilden & Cox, Medical and Scientific Publishers, London, Eng-

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ferent organs of the body, and the latter describing the particular organs

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Broadly speaking, the differential diagnosis lies, first, between

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the intermittent action of De Luc's aerial electroscope ; strong

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gus fourteen months after having swallowed a fish-bone

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recommended. In this class of cases the necessary reaction

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VVeichselbaum and certain chromogenic human well being according to the enlarged

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narcotic analgesic which the patient titrates to his/her

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reclaimed territory the soil-drainage is inadequate. The

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tificate, Mr. J. Brown. Medicine: Medal, Mr. G. Ashmead;

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big toe, and then to the peroneus tertius. The current produced no contrac-

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