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adjacent muscles, many of which are largely replaced by fibrous tissue.
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se would not hav(. appeared in the cxci-eta. Tli.'se siilist
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row in sterile water died, one on May 8, two on May 10, and one on
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The importance of this last criticism has been emphasized by the
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culture chambers are easy of construction, and they are made in the
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Unfinished Business. (Report of Reference Committees and Council.)
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arm. This has been noted so rarely that it seems more probable that it
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paiatli^ iiiiil. 'I'Im- ciiiiiiccti\c lisNiic also cnntaiiiN lli,' liluinl \csscl-,
istered triianidine-acetic aeid is excreted in the urine unchaini't'il.
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painful mass in her neck which had increased in size
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On April 26, 38 days after the original injection of B. bronchisepticus
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was 93 mg. per cent; serum protein 6.5 per cent, and
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this complication could be controlled. We feel that
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Fractures— Daniel L. Yancey, Springfield, Chairman (1949);
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■ lilTi'i'i'iit tvji's . t' I'iit stnia'jr niu' nl' a imii'h ti'iiiimi-ai'v i'liara>'ti'i'
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Another canning room. Good natural light, clean and dry. Soldering about 25 feet
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to death. He was apparently not haunted by the fear that a hog might get by him
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developed, so that there is no falling away below the knee. The fet-
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that the cost of medical organization has increased
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tained at the boiling point a sufficient time to cook thoroughly the Interior of the pieces.
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that Ih.' p..stfii..r 1..1..' .•..ntril.iit.s an aiita<-..i.l whi.-h stimulatfs Ihf iitili-
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reiii. the sensation is that of liirht. Applyini; these facts to less well-
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ilia iiaiTow snpciticial laxfr of nerve (il)ers, with a lew scattered ee!U
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breeds are what horsemen call " soft " and lack endurance.
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witli iiidiiii- or with eiiniiiiie hy I'.est '-. nietliciil. it will l>c round tli:it the
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splenetic fever in cattle, effective on and after February 1, 1006, he, and the same i
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a personal interest in these tumors since at a time
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nodule. The media of the vessel shows no change, but the adventitia is
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The resolution was signed by Drs. Joseph McNearney,
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Sec 15. Cooperative members are entitled to receive at the nearest railway
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growths for more than a year after being recovered and isolated,
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after aspirations, were stiU obscured by the rather
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meat or meat food products in any State or Territory or in the District of Columbia,
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more oonamon than severe arteriosclerosis (Benda **, Thorel "). It was
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