Noroxine 400 Sans Ordonnance

then being dry, they beat it into Ponder : This Pon-

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few, and not many Leaves thereon, which at the firft

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Virtues of the Juice , EJfence , and Infufion , but

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Roots m/tch like to the Jirjl , or True kind : it has

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affirm, with us it grows only in Gardens; the fecond

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skin. If it had not been for the war probably most of us would have

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er, with J, 'mall J 'pots and freaks, the other not having

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Herbal ) fays the Stalk is about half a foot high , di-

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the Plant -, and by reafon it is of a quick and pene-

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than at the North. The reverse is the case. It is the duty of

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molt part outwardly to bathe all fuch Parts and Places

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therwife, if we have hard brofts, it perifhes : from

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many Divifions and Parts thereof, that it may eaftly

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and cleaniing, PeHoral, Hepatick, Spleaetick, Hyfte-

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Children ; it is alfo good to bath the places troubled

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confijls in the Flowers, which are many, Jlanding toge-

noroxine 400 sans ordonnance

trizing, and perfe&Iy heals them ; and therefore is

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Smell and Tajte only, they are not to be dijtinguifned

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row overthwart cut or gafh into it •, and put in- a

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Wheezings, Althma’s, caufes cxpe&oration from

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we thought not fit to change it, and therefore have

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or four times , then adding a little Bees -wax to bring

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riferous, and volatile parts, if fo be you would pre-

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I .j,,.! vneyrexsaoVt in Latina HippPglbffuiu, 1. e.

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out on the fides , or but very little. This Greatrf

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Section 2. — Any failure to comply with the provisions of this

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Sec 5. Except as provided in sections two, three, and Certificate of

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or Ulcers, it cleanfes, drys and heals them, and is

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is hard to determine, fince difference 'in Soil may

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whence he tranfplanted it into his Garden, where it

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fine Pouder. And is laid to be available againft the

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It opens the Obftru£lionsof all the Vifcera, cleanfes,

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leo Gamcrarij , Lyfimachia Galcriculdta Lobelia Gra-

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