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ordinary inflammation is due to the scarlatina poison; the graver forms
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toms of dysmenorrhea are in reality produced by circulatory
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Germany, and in this respect the Irish cases seem to bear
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Antacids may be prescnbed as needed for relief of pain but
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terior tibial artery, and thus we are enabled more rapidly
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lina. It also extended westward along the borders of the great lakes to
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altered. Anaesthesia, analgesia, and hypersesthesia are frequent. Sometimes
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the head, which was relieved by anodyne medicine. The
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can Association for Labor Legislation. The plan was
live under dangerous conditions black-water fever may be absent even
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Par., 1888, Ixi, 91.— Price (W. H.) Seven cases of tvphoid
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■\vill not recover, how long may he be expected to live ? Or,
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grants a quarter of a century ago than among the immigrants
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particular biochemical parameter. The point has been made
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tion of the phenomena in the vertebrata, when the function and intimate structure of the
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couple of months of this treatment with no apparent benefit,
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almost all cases entertain erroneous ideas regarding their
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they are more likely to break, necessitating additional
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remaining two also 5 times a day for a period of 7 days. The extracts were
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appears in the urine is directly proportional to the degree of dis-
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would have been the effect had the pathological change gone
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which he can use it. Over 800 pages, bound in cloth. Price, $5.00, cash with
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confined, under these circumstances, to a mere penetration of the vulva The
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Fingers : webbed arm and fingers with absence of pectoralis
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In carcinoma of the bladder, where the outlets of the
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aprile 1899. L' esposizione d' igiene infantile. Milano, aprile-
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upon which such spasm depends, bears a threefold rela-
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The conditions which are most likely to be mistaken for perforation are
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Medica, and Therapeutics, by Dr. Benjamin Harrison, of
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31. Brown AB, McCartney N, Sale DG: Positive adaptations to
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1843 and the beginning of 1844. The histories of these cases were obtained

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