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perforations of the palate and cheek were closed. Ex-

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Has a little cough and some soreness of the chest, with a little pain in the

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divided into five areas: (1) psychobiological sciences, which has a strong

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enna seems to be either in its infancy or in its " dotage." In the

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7. Singer JA: Background of the PRO program Md Med J 38:503-504, 1989.

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control activities and the research programs, the latter being supported to

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of thyroid disturbance. Calcium excretion is decteased by thiazides

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of cats, geriTifree and specific pathogen-free animals. These

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and treating, as it does, of affections of such daily occurrence,

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should include authors' names and initials, title of article, abbreviated name

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required to distinguish between them. Full studies are

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confirmed gallbladder disease in women receiving postmenopausal estrogens

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Dale W Ebers. M.D . Lincoln; Louis J Gogela, Jr., M.D.. Beatrice; Duane

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scientious effort, no more, no less, whether the result be a cure

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ahead,” even though that was a patent, barefaced lie.

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erate and reimburse for services only if a hold harmless

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Above 25''C, the system removes blood from the femoral artery,

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He came from under the influence of chloroform nicely,

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outbreaks will continue to be tested for isolatable agents as well as

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uors, brandy, ale, and an unlimited supply of ice. Fresh

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Reprints should be ordered from the printer, Norfolk Printing Company,

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Joseph E. Smadel, M.D. - 1962 Honorary D.Sc. degree conferred by the

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has gained great credence in the profession, that the enormous

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peans than in natives. The surest bases for the etiology of

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program.” There was extensive discussion as to whether

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Where numbers follow advertisements, replies should be

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