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lence of the tissue, endothelial changes in the lymph spaces, and

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sometimes very violent occur. Nevertheless the pulse often remains weak, because the

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In the most favourable form of valvular disease, aortic stenosis, Peacock

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action, but I repeat that through its arsenic the Bourboule water has, without

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influence of the predisposing factors already considered.


swine, was then referred to. But the control of disease

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advance has been by no means insignificant. And the time has not yet

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usual remedies were without effect. The patient had had

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usual sequelae than formerly, and patients seem to rally

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minutes the temperature sank from 39°'2 to 37°"2 . Both the

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been issued by a London firm. The paper, which will

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divided between natural and accidental deaths and infaiiti-

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155 had paresthesia, 9 of these without any other symptom.

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to the casual treatment. Yet no one will neglect the use of drugs

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on his mother's side had died of phthisis. For twelve months he

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dorsal surfaces) enlarged and covered with a hot poultice, cooling applications

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and hygienic directions, the following will prove useful : —

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form, white, blue and red were found slightly but equally contracted in

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acetal is given as one half that of ordinary acetal, whereas the

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quent causes of sterility that we meet with. But it is only within the last

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In Ebstein's diet-list more than double the amount of fnt und carbol|t« '

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The field of vision for colours was tested in the right eye on

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begin work, moderately at least, or soon — and are

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increased sensibly by appreciable causes, such as exercise, bad weather,

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merely be collapsed, but is often hound down hy firm pleuritic

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enlarged calyces and papillae. The other part of the cyst-wall was evidently

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