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Sonnenburg. A prominent pulsating tumor of the size of an apple

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tremely voluminous, that of chorea during the pregnant state is very

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freight whicli lie liad taken the trouble to collect and

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mistaken for the propter hoc. Besides, fever is one of those affec-

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sented a specimen of exostosis removed from the outer aspect

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about the same condition, after a week; part of the remedy not yet

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1 This instrument may be obtained from the firm of James Jaquet, Institute for

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Meckel, Johaxx Friedrich, German anatomist, 1714-1774.

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and to hemiplegia, requiring a modification of the ordinary

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solution. The result was that the air, ozone, chlorine,

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any upon heat, and is some 400 times more efficient as a light

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(1) That night terrors seldom occur in children over eight years of

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suffering from prolonged joint-disease, and with the

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2. On the Value of Blood-examinations in the Diagnosis of

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meant their description to apply to all forms of contracted

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The first of the above, or the intra-ligamentous form, lies

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of the ovum, but also be the power which advises the uterus of the

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flammation of the bladder, and through that, death He

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easily removed. He was therefore anaesthetized, and an

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The law of irUermittence or of intermisnon is a term

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by a whalebone guide, and is also secured above by cords through the

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gentler means, it was determined to resort to the hot iron. After

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sequence ? The curd passes into the alimentary canal in a condition

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mouth. Cats and rabbits, however, withstand large doses of botulismus

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thorax or, when the lower lobe of the lung is already adherent to the

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condition. The erythrocytes are little affected, but the leukocytes are

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foresight could provide, and was reserved for doctors

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bodies which, in their properties and mode of behavior with reagents, are

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In some, but not the majority of cases, fatty degeneration of the heart has

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chronic, local or constitutional, affords no protection. Aged and infirm

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The existence of hallucinations is shown by the frequency with which

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ported by an artificial contrivance, by means of which the person is

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