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Fig. 2. Cobblestone appearance of the stomach and inpouch-

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the business expected to be done. The Department, as directed by

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The veins around the bladder and vagina are everywhere thrombosed.

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mined by their extension from the median line. A typical example

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• FoUn, O., and Denis, W.. /. Biol. Chem.. 1912, XII. 141.

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caseous substance, similar to that described aboye; the inner layer is

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lock, the key to which is kept in the possession of a Federal employee to await tanking

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On admission numerous simxdtaneous tracings were taken with very

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by a national committee. Names of the annual winners

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Howell Jlollin H. Smith, West Plains... C. F. Callihan, Willow

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pain, in another hour he was rolling about the floor in convulsions. (P. 160.)

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solution, and the culture was in this manner passed from animal to

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The Blood-vessels of the Heart Valves. By Stanhope Bayne- Jones. M. D.

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uvula and surrounding parts of the larynx its soft part is shown. / = tracheotomy

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tors The cells of the retina a.Ml ...>• hav h.-n made .-aimble of reacting

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ance iot mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Section 1003, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized July 30, 1918. Busi-

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anteri'ir nmt ami IraviK liv the white rannis into a xymi-athrlu KanKtmn, where it connect!! with

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(b) Sausage and chopped meaU, — All meat entering a sauBase establishment where

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the longer time required for a certain amount of culture to produce

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or the food product, or containers thereof, subject to the provisions of this act, or any

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vieo Of wlieii tlie l-e-ion ..f 111.' striata i> .liveetly wanne.l. 111.'

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iiiir the fit Like ordinary e|>ilepsy, liowt'ver, the Jaeksoiiian type is

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34. Papper, E. M., and Imler, A. E.: The Use of Phlebography

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multiple antibodies reacted irregularly in such a way that while the

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riintiiMHitis pi'iii'i'ss. Thf iniiliiiliility of its lurrncc. Iniw i'\ i-r, is imli-

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“D” priority will be approached last as the survey

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they are affected with or have been exposed to the contagion of any disease.

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it I'liiiliiiiis iiiiliiii', wliicli exists in niniliiiMl inn willi ;i iiiiii|ii'iil('iii iiitm';

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parathyroideclomi/cd aniiiKils \>\ tln' adiniMisl i aliou of c.ilcunu. It was

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placed on connective tissue stains in the differential

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portant or all the roundworms occurring in sheep. The eggs of

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both the apex and venous tracings, the result of auricular contraction.

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