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the gravest misgivings. After this incident we carefully re-
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considerable insult, particularly of its more distant ramifications, without the
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(Chairman of tlie London School Board). Mr. P. Michelli
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English physician, co-founder of Gonvil and Caius College, Cambridge,
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subject, except as to one branch, but his remarks may be
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March 1st. 1873; Surgeou-Major, January 23rd, 187^'; and Surgeon-Lieute-
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That this conference be adjourned to a date to be hereafter fixed, and
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and he pointed out that this, though strongly marked during
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At an inquest held this week at Clerkenwell on the body of
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persons, not of institutions. The new university would re-
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much interest in the life and ailments of the great composer.
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intestinal ulceration and peritonitis were well advanced
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It is not necessary for me to enter into any description of
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world behind it, is still clamouring for " cures ;" but is it not
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sets about the removal of one of these organs, and that, too,
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tramps have developed smallpox, and been removed to Gigglesmck
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tioners in Jersey City, and well known for his contributions
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Union, and settled at Ottery St. Mary, where he has practised
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Llandudno. The treatment consisted in an improvement of
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heart has managed to rid itself of the chloroform after each
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second gentleman touched the figure the girl felt it. Then she was told
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blood was derived by three channels, there is a more marked
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ing Is. a year, intended for the future to give Id. a week,
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been made. The whole has simply been brought up to date
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leg pain back pain lipitor
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home within a lortniglit. She recovered perfect health and strength,
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A GOOD Service pension lias been conferred upon Surgeon-Major-General
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membranes were found intact, with a normal vertex presenta-
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tion. It is only to be hoped that promises aftorded by these
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monial to the esteem in which he is held in the island.
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which have been made in our knowledge of the etiology of
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is not uncommon, especially towards the margins of rapidly-
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An experience of nephrectomy in a fairly considerable

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