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I teen \-ears before her admission by a severe blow. In three

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man whom they serve, yet under this condition that they shall be

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thickening, but no certain indication of the situation

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again. I therefore removed the rest of the needles during


"When he presented himself for examination, his chest

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scientific character, and it is better, perhaj^s, to

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cal glass tubes, the outer one having a bore of thi-ee

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cutting of the skin. That the sensation, as if the lost limb still

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disease, but morbid phenomena which occurred dui-ing

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ticle ; the causes of the difficulty of healing ui-inary

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is scarcely necessary to occupy time in dwelling npcm

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child should get meat or hard things till it gets teeth

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such an extent as nearly to obliterate the apertures

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formed of the natui-e of the case, and that there was

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muscles. Zenker regi-ets that he was unable to com-

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ception of the regions mentioned, alone continued to yield

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nicated from individual to individual, " but is found

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censured for bestowing commendation upon one, wliom we con-

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These appear distinctly granular, broad, and uneven ;

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by appropriate remedies. It should also be borne in

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•,• AV Ipttcri and rommunications for the JovnvUi'L.to he addreued

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In 23 out of 73 cases, the labour was in some degree

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is founded on the natural history of the various me-

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creasing febrile excitement. At the present time, and

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sively as a flexible column in consequence of disturb-

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men discontented, useless, and mischievous ! * Sol-

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lively, clear-headed professor, ' But what are you going to give

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Pontevez states, that the hot and red skin is produced

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of fallacy in tracing the cause of epidemics which ap-

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