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they net produce disease ? Much occupied with these
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hemispheres; 2, secondary or sensational, in the sensory ganglia
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pearance, I was permitted by the friends to remove the heart
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the misfortune to lose his wife and he became melancholy, lost
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ulcerates into the pleura, a pneumothorax results, possibly
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tumor. At each throb the blood was forcibly injected into the vein,
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with the ureters ; but that it is always so is not proven. A physical
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catheters are of various sizes, ranging from No. 18
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sion over the head, as a powerful agent in the reduction of ir-
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injurious to nervous patients, and much of strong tobacco-
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bisacodyl dulcolax mechanism of action
disease. A disease equal in all respects in different cases, may destroy the
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tion of the nitrate of silver produces little or no eftect upon the urine. The
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is extremely common in many countries, is characterized
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with a black mass, the diagnosis " inspissated ceru-
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and certain, the fever, pains, and swellings disappearing in a few
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tion, and Treatment. By Robert Barnes, M.D. (Lond.),
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Ames, H. E., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the
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instrument being kept uppennost, as it is upon this surface that
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Some time previously, and while this discussion was going on,
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authorities have stood still, and scarcely advanced
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and moult within the body of the parent, so that when ex-
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forbidding the thought of a radical operation. The old
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ferred to the rarity of this condition, which occurs
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be destroyed, while another at ten yards' distance, either on the same level or
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The chemical composition of the bone is modified, but these modifica-
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I of Volunteer Papers and Essays, any registered mem-
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The discussion following the reading of these papers
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reputation. He reports 350 new patients for 1875, double the number treated
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and tone of its decisions, be called the Judicious Coun-
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the mother, whilst the offspring are ill- developed, difficult to rear, and fre-
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tharsis. Dr. P. does not appear to have much faith in stimuli
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■on whenever a high temperature is maintained for some
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1870-71, when it was impossible for wet-nurses to go
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extent of producing nausea. I have used it extensively, both as made
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las traveled down to the toe-nails, but "never crossed our fence,

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