Injection Dexamethasone During Pregnancy

Fig. 5 (Case 2). — Electrocardiogram of same patient as in Figure 4, taken
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pure. The fact is, however, that the stenosis is almost never pure ;
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nant six months, in whom all the symptoms disappeared on several
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that it is unnecessary to quote authorities. In general, they consist
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and the ventricles dilated. He regarded the changes in the brain and
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exophthalmos may be entirely absent, the enlargement of the thyroid
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The diagnoses of the 41 nonnephritic cases were as follows:
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the determination of protein in urine has been described.
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tinuity with Observations on the Nature, Progress, and Treatment of Aneurysm, "
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dilatation of the aorta. In an extreme case the vessel was so dilated
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of the pneumogastric, to the throat, larynx, stomach, and liver, pro-
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degree of exhaustion may demand. Especial reference is had to the
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total calories 2,000. Table 15 gives the urinary findings.
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exercise can be taken. Gymnastic exercises have been recommended
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been called intero-external. They are also called open or blind, the
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caution should be given against physical overstrain and excess of
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original situation. The same appearances are found in the skin of
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Ophthalmoscopic Evidence. — llahlmann considers that an ophthal-
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anisati of the German Pharmacopoeia, which may be given in doses
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total protein is moderately increased. The last four serums were
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following year she gave birth to an illegitimate child. She did not fully recover,
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Heine of New York, had a negative family history. His past history showed
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twelve patients with definite record, one, or 8.3 per cent., had recur-
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surface. Such a breach may be an ulcer or open wound, or on the
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regions where endemic goitre is found than in those where ordinary

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