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to influenza have been found in association with tetany, but such occur-

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vantage of increasing its value as a work of ready bit

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following method is used to test and express any sample in normal

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eighty-four, three seventy-two, one sixty months, etc. etc.

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or sniffling respiration and voice sounds that easily pass for

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DiPLOCOCOUs OP ScABLET Feveb. — Most of the germs which have

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age, and rather under size for his years. He states

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last production of yours has crowned you with immortal honor; you

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The German Light Bath,— It is difficult to say who

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submitted by registered professional nurses or physicians to the Joint

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between 230° F. and 250° F. But it may be better to say that

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facial axis of each, if extended, would have crossed about an inch and a

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posed largely of votaries of fashion. — Deutsche medi-

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with an equal quantity of lime water and a little syrup ; 2,

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1. Bacteriologic Condition in Stomatitis and in Tonsillitis

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their emotional life and a striking divergence from

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when similar symptoms were produced, and I took thirty

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gradual. 8 If the disease be uncomplicated, and there be no untoward

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to 0.562. (Possibly the blood of this patient had a higher concen-

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jected into an animal at regular intervals until a high titre is ob-

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muscular coat, and greater in this than in the serous coat, so that the

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attached by broad organized bands posteriorly to the rec-

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Yon know well how these have been operated upon with mar-

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T. C. Martin. — New Evidence that the Rectal Valve is an Anatomical Fact. Mathew's

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things, the report is unexceptionable, and must meet

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