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abnormal begins. Cases presenting such symptoms as have

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carbonate of soda in five ounces of water instead of four. Nothing can

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salpingitis. She had no signs of tuberculosis, but hec family

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By this disposition the various luminous cones that are pro-

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the women a quarter of the whole group whose duration of life is

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servers that, like the specific fevers, it is due to a specific cause. Pneu-

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wide from country to country by successive regenerations, never

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ards of proof on general principles, without specifying

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This mode of medication is tolerably successful, particularly in children's

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under the designation break-bone fever, gave us a true picture of dengue as it mani-

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from 1876 to 1895. 9,559. The number of still-births

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by the phenomena of bromism ; which last are, it seems to me,

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until the middle of June, at which time she was free, and bad

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exactly what has been said in the New York Review, 1866, p.

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The bowels were regulated by gentle purgatives, and the kidneys excited by Squill aad

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a right angle. One strip passes round the lower forearm and the

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medical members of the " House " and of the Inspectors of

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by microscopic examination, to consist in a localized

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The following is a brief summary of a paper by Dr. George Carpenter,

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system of Conjoint Examinations which it is sought to esta-

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was interested in it and whether he wanted to stay in mission work.

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slight bruit of this character is not very uncommonly to be

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portion of the duct that is situated within the wall of the

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you were short, and sink carefully in the canal to the

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food, with laxative pills, and, if necessary, encmata.

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patient is usually attacked suddenly, often during the night, with a

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such industrial pursuits as could be made available."

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copious gush of blood resulted. The flow was from an indefinite number

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for one of my medical brethren only last week, having previously employed the

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volumes, including bound journals. It subscribes to seven American

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camphor monobromide, cannabis indica, phenacetin, gold,

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1310. Quarterly Report of the Carey-Strtet Dispensary. 123

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Medical Society of Virginia. Danville, Va., September,

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