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anywhere between 105° and 108.2°. • There are other variations

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within twenty-four hours after needling a swollen liver;

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The limit of this article will prevent the publication of either of these

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duties are among best safeguards of our nation, and these places

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the increase in human practice. Several cases of acute tetanus

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applications undoubtedly have upon pain, has not as yet been clearly

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come to town and finds himself unexpectedly short in funds and

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eleven of diphtheria, with 501 cases ; two epidemics of foot-and-

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contaminated with foul-smelling gases and no doubt millions of

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farmers of the presence of the disease, and give them such other

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injection or cover the entire body. This condition, known as serum sick-

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to operation in other organs or the patient's general condition.

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peculiarities of the patient's temperament, his past experiences and their

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inherited immunity, so we will give the most of our attention to

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Unfortunately, the government and the support given to

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Governor of our State for many years has shown a keener appre-

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distinct jugular regurgitation as high as their bifurcations. Aus-

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tending up the nasal cavity as far as I could reach ; but higher up

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eases, lead us to suggest that, on account of microbic and fermenta-

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with tubercles all over the external and internal surfaces, as well

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geons in the Tropics are partial to a quick and easy

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meeting at Kansas City by insertion in their by-laws. Its membership

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