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containing gas, sometimes inflammable, in the upper layers. Sarcinie, the
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neys showed signs of inflammation in the overgrowth of fibroid tissue and in the
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it a most useful solvent of diphtheritic membrane. I am glad
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Five things are declared as proper to the duty of a chirurgeon :
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(pioted who had recorded previous exposure in from one tifth
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city also, but we think do not form a very serious enemy
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testine that came within the wound, was clearly in-
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years of age. The pellicular or hsemorrhagic type or stage may
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relations to all such practitioners of medicine, and to have [them
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or on the Pacific coast. Cathartics which, in the States
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quality, and kind of meat taken as a food ; and, finally,
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D. Gerhardt * has properly called attention to the fact that the usual state-
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a lentil to a pea, each with a thick outer coat ; the intervening
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diet, and to feed her imagination with romances. The influence of example
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the liver. On the other hand, if a diagnosis of cirrhosis is made, and
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152 Experimental Cerebrospinal Meningitis in Monkeys.
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fever. We possess no antitoxin such as we have against
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gish sores are often induced to granulate freely by
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of internal urethrotomy, combined with artificial drainage
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urine and a scalding in micturition being amongst the most prominent
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numerous dwellings that were devoted to the use of the
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ment consists, in the first place, in fulfilling indications which relate to morbid
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tards the expulsion of the lens, makes it more difficult
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doses of atropine are readily neutralized and have no
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know whether this child was a boy, and whether it was its mother's first child.
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the presence of the parasites make a sharp distinction,
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tanks, being prolific sources of mosquitoes, should be covered, preferably
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as a consequence, in certain anaemic conditions of the
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symptoms, is especially apt to be tenacious. This is explained by Dr.
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these sometimes become the seat of abnormal sensation,
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the same time several cattle, who had been feeding on the
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struct and operate a trash-to-energy plant in Lisbon, Conn.
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*Surgical Operations, Jacobson, p. 273, etc. Int. Enc. Surgery, Vol. 5, p. 427, etc^

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