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20 ; sulphuric acid, 8 ; and water, 65 ; into distilled water.

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ing under observation, during which time she had been

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Query 1ft. — What are the diagnojl'ic figns of cancer ?

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recently to the Veterans Administration Domiciliary

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u. Genussmittel, Berl., 1899,633-655.— Tatliam (.T. F. VV.)

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equal or even approach the expectations of the author, we

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Eighth and Pine Streets. The new hospital was opened

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for. . .r Vestnik oftahmd.. Kiev, 1887, iv, 242: 1888, v,

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lO. — Dippe reports the case of a woman, 43 years of age,

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soluble chemical substances from the micro-organisms. One

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politan brother. In the practice of medicine we are

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we can select a suitable article of food that will agree with the delicate

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from a patient of Dr. Anderson's last Monday. The lad) is sixt) s< veil

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Idem. Archives italien-nes de biologic, 1894, 21. — 66. Luderitz. Inaug. Dissert.

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form of the Nicolayer bacillus. It is possible, however,

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are demonstrated indicate past or present pathology — generally past

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consider an explanation based upon the intervention of the sexual glands,

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thirteenth century, his parents being simple peasants ; and

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interest to the internist and the surgeon as well. Aside from a

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