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nition of syphilitic disease affecting the nervous system. No doubt the

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cavernous space filled with sanious material in the anterior portion of

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vitality is vigorous can bear and employ beneficially a much larger

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lower stratum of the transverse fibres of the pons were destroyed by

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We should also mention the occurrence of tuberculous lesions in

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which to shelter its grossness and conceal its sin. By way of postscript,

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being exchanged for earth dug out of the ground at some station, he was enabled o>

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to the sea-side ; you will get but little ; to you it is matter of no con-

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changed his burdensome limb for a wooden pin ; but, acting in the spirit

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M.D. ; A. Oakes, Esq.; E. Robinson, M.D. Representatives of the

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(Students of Guy's Hospital) ; E. B. Aveling, A. P. Gould, Luther Eminson,

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region ; in some animals it ends by producing suppurative dermatitis,

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and in the lower third a liquid sound, especially marked on the left

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depressed, showing a train of symptoms depending on the organs

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Dr. Armstrong (Gravesend) said that the address which the

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such a calamity to the University hereafter. When the death of Sir J.

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miraculous when we look at the condition of this branch of our art

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proportion of 4,562,750 red blood-corpuscles to I2,gi8 leucocytes per

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work as much increased by the labour which M. Larcher has bestowed

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Teale and myself. He twice punctured the pericardium in a chronic

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half pounds. On section it appeared reddish-grey in colour, succulent,

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fection, and his mind evidently luxuriated in such work. The intre-

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pericardial dropsy which I have called phthisical ; it occurs in phthisical

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effusions, and after surgical operations. A bracing air, which, with the

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condylar — often proceeds from this to the side of the bone. The ulnar

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The tables describe the animals which provided the material for ex-

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seem all to moderate after from three to six hours' administration, at

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