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and he would not have needed to pen such pessimistic senti-

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disadvantages do not outweigh its advantages. The tincture of aconite,

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my hospital service I have directed the house staff to bathe at once,

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thoroughly informed with regard to the best arrangement for easily

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all chronic diseases, organic and functional, the sheet bath was used

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beings are the only rational scientific groundwork for the

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Feit gives the result of experiments made to ascertain the effect of

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ous organs. " In this address he dwelt upon its value in neurasthenia,

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same reasons one may require starch and sugar to a greater

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These proportions are all from the edible portions alone, and

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curtailing lung-space, frequently brings about a general collapse, and

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into the hands of a physician who does not act according to the

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cellular infiltration of the rete mucosum and has four successive stages —

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102.5°, hourly if below, and removed when it falls below 100°. The

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applies to inanimate bodies, however*, and is only applicable to the

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27th, and again on November 11th, 1892 : "Patient looks and feels much better,

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temperature of 90°, to secure confidence, and gradually lowers it."

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at 72 years of age; Lieut. L. F. Jamieson, Parry Sound, at the

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uplifted. Although every class had its definite high points, the

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In exarticulation at the shoulder the lines of scar should avoid

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the vascularity of the thyroid. He states that the treatment

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The medicinal treatment is, for the most part, simple and symptomatic.

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into suburban homes, thus relieving the crowded centres.

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have travelled extensively through our Western country, both

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the bowels it is a great help, the refuse of the corn helping

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Beware how you recommend it in hay fever and such trou-

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discharges, it is ditiicult to make diagnosis in individual eases

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lateral retraction and the signs of consolidation or of an apical cavity,

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walnut. It makes a good stock for the Persian walnut. Ju-

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ture, we know, generates her poisons, why not her antidotes ?

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fat, etc., the worn-out materials of the body which undergo

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The patient in the crowded tenement and in the country farmhouse

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