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servative estimate that in this country the morbidity

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Jopson was elected professor of surgery ; Dr. Wendell

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or five grains of hexamethylenaniinc. diree times a

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the patient unable to walk. A cousin, the niece of his father, had been

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vice to another to do different kinds of x ray work.

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almost forgot the hours of cooking hot dogs, cutting

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and happy home life, and drank very moderately of tea and

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first asked for a specimen of his sahva. This is re-

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to believe that we were finally in the home stretch, and we

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roseola with the usual glandular enlargement. There was

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alkaline lower down. It is essential, however, that

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of an old lady, of si.xty-three years of age, who, for some

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do away with a dorsal kyphosis, but, as soon as vou

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through the paper into the holes prescribed for the

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wound was packed and treated by the open method. The patient bore

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cian is not overburdened with respect for foetal life. The author brings

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achyha gastrica only if all organic diseases of the

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nf appetite. The bleeding was continuous and the pains

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isolation effective, disinfection must come to its aid

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conclusion, and it would appear, therefore, that the thyroid and its

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cally. If no abnormality is found on the cervix, the

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Even in the cases under five, exammed by Dr. Park and

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reached the pylorus, another wave starts at the an-

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above (28 and 47). There was nothing in the pre-operative history or

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Corps, and in future recruiting the former from the ranks

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of the drug upon the pupil. Dogs resemble men ; rabbits showed only i to

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sity. — Dr. William Gardner has resigned from the chair

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Cancer of the Stomach. — As the result of the examination of forty-two

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