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grafts. Mt. Sinai Hosp. Eep. 1898, N. Y., 1899, i, 290-304.—

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sponge bath was used as a most efficient adjuvant in the case.

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forward in society from the popularity of their art, they too

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pumped from the wells either by means of the ordinary suction pump

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ing case is of considerable value. The gentleman whose

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an anatomic lesion of the nerve centers, just as it may favor the

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question, is necessary, is advisable, is right, and that such local

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As a gift to physiological medicine we may look upon this dis-

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ity and other signs of a "strumous diathesis" are present in these cases.

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Art. XL — Observations on the use of large doses of Acetate of

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food, with laxative pills, and, if necessary, encmata.

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the antagonism of another, will become a part of the medical creed re-

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have permanently established themselves and relate in

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kidney is in the diagnosis and treatment of these cases. Dietel's crisis,

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Treatment. — Thinking that it might relieve the brain, free catharsis

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kinds of ulcer due to the breaking down of carcinoma and other varieties

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Rates and Causes of End-Stage Renal Disease in Najavo Indians,

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all cases of pyelitis depends upon the causes and upon the tendency to consecu-

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caused by a prolapsed liver. The diagnosis was, how-

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of patients, to become uncharitable, and to suspect soldiers, sailors, con-

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presence of passive congestion of the kidney from cardiac disease, and

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tance. It is a species of the Cenlaurea, so called from Chiron the

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width, but were not altered in either of their other dimen-

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vaginal examination. In cases that had been mismanaged, we

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have been displaced, probably by pressure from neighboring tissues, notabh

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may save or lose the patient's life. When the tongue is covered

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become debilitated, by the use of pure water, so as to reject

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States government undertakes to finish this canal. There is an infected

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tions from the skin, bowels, liver, kidneys, d&c., indicate

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