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preservative. The immunity produced by these protective inoculations
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now considering, it does persist to death, which has
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passing of a bougie, however, through an obstructed oesophagus is an
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fact that the man's mind has been so long unobscured.
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■worse by self-abuse ; his affection is more referable to the
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An hour afterwards the thick skin flaps were brought together by eight
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called "a cross"— that is, a collection of disagreeable memories,
efudex treatment pictures
tient left the hospital very much better for his operation, but not quite cured. He
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and would say, ' Yes, that is it ;' but was unable to repeat the word after me.
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ever, that it was performed in every case as a last resort
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has himself to blame. The newspapers were invited to do the work.
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a blackmoor. Her friends could scarcely express their sympathy,
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nematoda are ascaris himbricoides, found often in the small intestine, 0x7/-
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less of acidity, sour stomach, eructations of acrid mat-
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a day). An important aid in all cases is fresh air, due precaution being
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lungs in long-standing cases are of a secondary character. Chronic
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almost cylindrical, and as their sides are gradually pushed together, and the
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The zymotic cases were, puerperal fever, 1 ; peritonitis, 7 ; pyajmia, 4 ; en-
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but how often they do so, and under what circumstances, is altogether
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of supraperitoneal abscesses should be opened above Poupart's
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Minister of Instruction, in which the general use of filters was advo-
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noticed the conjunctival surface covered with minute elevations,
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of such a defence on the principles of common-sense. If carried too far,
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sexual desire is usually in abeyance, while in consumption

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