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closure of the glottis, remembering these points, there seems

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means to assist the taxis were employed; but, as no impression

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accounted for by tbe diminution in size of the tumour mass, wliich

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processes of digestion and assimilation. It may be assumed that the dis-

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poison was swallowed, not inhaled ; thatcliminative treatment

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the terminal bone of the fourth toe protruded, and the great

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rapporto coi centri termici cerebrali; studio sull' azione

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in acute or chronic enteritis accompanied by diarrhoea, in

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tissue, but in his great atlas (1832-40) he gives excellent observations

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percrnta^o of (^osinophilcs in the? fornu^r (four to six pcir cj^nt).

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knowledge that we were obliged to consider necessary

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cited by the abuse of alcohol or independently of the same.

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sible, and adjusting the apparatus to the patient, not the

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" About a week before his death, I observed that the blood was be-

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have postulated for the isolation of the auditory word-centre in the

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cornerstone of the pathology, even while acknowledging

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public places and the fumigation of all in- cooked bread*

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is convenient for reference, and though not exhaustive

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Schmidt's Fermentation Test. To obtain a more exact insight

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and hence the discharge. This condition after labor is

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port, very briefly, the following case which may tend to strengthen

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inquired into this difference of excitability which paralysed

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holding certificates is m^ny greater than the number of schools. Here

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ly threatened Boston, but never appeared in any great extent,

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Grote moved a resolution in the Council " That the Council

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done the tree pests, and claims now that he is ready for regular work.

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surfaces, or on their whole circumference, are often thus completely eccny-

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never cease to find maxims and essays against too much eating. Yet

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Two Aveeks ago we sent a nurse there to assist Dr. McLaughlin with

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and as a topical application, in which the pledgets for dressing the sores are

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